Downtown Dunedin Merchants Association Sponsored Special Events

If there is a reason to throw a party, Dunedin has found it. From weekend long arts and craft shows to our two major shindigs, celebration is Dunedin’s middle name. There are several major events that are organized and put on by Dunedin Merchants.

Dunedin Wines The Blues – Saturday November 11th, 2017

This November the event features fantastic live blues and some very tasty spirits are the crown jewels in Dunedin’s special events crown.
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Dunedin Mardi Gras – February 13th, 2018 from 4 to 10pm, Parade at 7pm

The highlights of our party calendar happen every February or March. A Mardi Gras celebration that rivals “N’Orleans”—in Florida style.
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Taste of Dunedin – May 20th 2018

Everyone already knows we have some of the greatest restaurants in the tri-county area in Downtown Dunedin. But did you know we have great restaurants in the entire City of Dunedin. To help promote all of our Restaurants, we bring in those participants outside of the core downtown area and team them up with some of our Merchants

2nd Friday Dunedin 

Come join us and see what the Dunedin Merchants have to offer.

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