Merchants Association History

How it all began in Downtown Dunedin

Picture it Dunedin 1987….. Nothing but boarded up windows and tumbleweeds blowing down Main Street. In 1988 the City of Dunedin formed DTAC (Downtown Technical Advisory Committee) which is now the CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) and the City Commission sits as its board.

We, meaning a couple of business people, formed a loose knit group to handle problems. After all they were moving 580 off of Main Street and on to Skinner Blvd. They were also tearing up ail the sidewalks and streets, it was a mess. After completion the committee wanted to disband. There were several of us who thought we could channel that same energy to promote ourselves.

We got together to form the first Mardi Gras in 1991 and saw the need afterward to incorporate into the Downtown Dunedin Merchants Association. Since then we have added several more events, like the Taste of Dunedin, Dunedin Wines the Blues and the Dunedin Car Show.

Because of our growth it was determined that becoming a 501 © 6, business not-for-profit was in our best interest. All of our funds are used to promote our business community through advertising. Though our organization is delineated by the Downtown Core, we have members from throughout the city with an associate membership available……view our membership list.