Mission and Vision

We promote the Dunedin Community and our Merchant Members

Our mission is to promote awareness of the local and Downtown Business Community by organizing and implementing events that bring in visitors from around Tampa Bay and elsewhere thus utilizing the combined effort of the association to promote the City of Dunedin.

Since incorporating in 1992, we organizing the first event, The Dunedin Mardi Gras, in order to bring more exposure to the Downtown Community.  All of our funds are used to promote our business community through advertising and organizing these event. Though our organization is delineated by the Downtown Core, we have members from throughout the city with an associate membership available.

For 25 years our Volunteers have been putting on some of Tampa Bay Area’s largest and most acclaimed events. As we move forward, it is our goal to elevate their reach and quality to make them truly top regional events.

Marketing & Promotions

The Media outreach for our events is extensive. We utilize print, radio, billboard,
television, websites, newsletters and social media.

  • Print advertising and editorials for our 4 events reach approximately readership of 2 million in
    the Pinellas County area.
  • Facebook and Twitter have reached 19,956 followers and growing
  • Billboard advertising in Pinellas County reach an average of 422,970 annually
  • Our websites reach a monthly visitor average of 19,050
  • Television ad spots reach out to Mid, North and South Pinellas County
  • LED Screen advertising with 30-60 second ad spots at our events
  • DDMA Monthly Newsletter reaches 1,400 subscribers and growing